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Solar Rechargeable Bulbs

Solar Rechargeable Bulbs

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Protection level: IP65
Light source power: 7W9W (W)
Voltage: DC/5-6V USB input (V)
Main scope of application: Home lighting (bedroom, dormitory, study, school) emergency lighting (automatically switch to battery power supply after power failure)

This led camping lamp with remote control is designed with 5 lighting modes to meet different lighting requirements.
[Suitable for campers] Small size but bright enough, compact design, weight 4 ounces, can be put in a backpack or pocket
[Solar charging + USB charging] Just use the solar panel provided with the product and insert it into the USB socket of the lamp body. Put the solar energy in a place where it can be received for a long time. The power input jack of this product adopts the USB input port of the mobile phone charger, which can be charged by mobile phone/power bank/computer.
【Smart LED Bulb】Choose the automatic mode, which will automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn. Safe/convenient/saving time and effort
[Timing Mode] Select the timing mode, which is designed with 30 minutes, 2 hours, 5 hours, and 10 hours automatic shutdown timer, the bulb will automatically turn off after the set time
[Long working hours] After fully charged, highlight mode: 7~9h, suitable for work lighting and learning use; medium light mode: 14~16h, general lighting/camping/home use;
Low light mode: 19~22h, suitable for night lighting and places requiring long-term lighting
[Widely used places] camping, outdoor sports, beaches, courtyards, gardens, leisure pavilions, balconies, corridors, parking lots, farms, home lighting, home emergency, learning lighting, outdoor camping, outdoor cycling, pathfinders, command and warning , Hand-held lighting, command and warning, power areas that are not convenient for access to AC, etc.
[Standby function] Long press the "MODE" button on the bulb 3S, the light is off, the bulb enters the standby state, pressing any button on the remote control is invalid; then press the "MODE" button on the bulb, the bulb enters the working state, the light is on, The remote control function is restored.

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