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Pet Blanket Mat

Pet Blanket Mat

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1.It is made of ice silk cool feeling fabric, with a pillow on the top, and thin cotton filling inside, which is comfortable, soft, and cool to the touch!
2.Fabric features: The cool feeling fabric adopts a unique process, which makes the fabric quickly diffuse body heat, accelerate the dissipation of sweat and lower body temperature, and keep the fabric cool and comfortable for a long time.
3.The cooling factor can give people a kind of skin. Cool comfort. Compared with ordinary fabrics, it has the characteristics of lightness, breathability, and comfort.

Product Details
[Product material]: Surface: cool printed fabric; middle: thin cotton filling; bottom: non-slip plastic cloth;
[Product color]: pink cherry, blue banana, green avocado
[Product Specifications]: S: 60*40CM; L: 80*60CM
[Fabric Features]: Compared with ordinary fabrics, it is lighter, thinner, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The temperature in the air-conditioned room is lower than 1-2°C.

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